Protective masks

In an era of various threats, we all try to follow the needs that the situation has created. In the interest of increasing safety in social contact, we have created a product that allows you to reduce the risk of contact with microorganisms including viruses. The protective mask is a product designed to protect the mouth and nose from contaminants, recommended especially for reducing the penetration of microorganisms into the respiratory system. Wearing the mask significantly reduces the risk of touching and transmitting the virus to the facial area, especially the mouth and nose. With our protective mask, you will reduce the use of disposable products, which are often made of low-quality materials. You can protect yourself and take care of the environment at the same time. The protective mask of our production can be washed many times. Thanks to durable and resistant materials, you can iron it at temperatures up to 160 degrees Celsius, as a result of which it will be further effectively sanitized. The mask is made of high-quality two layers of polyester material with a total weight of 320g/m2, fastened with a convenient Velcro. Velcro additionally allows you to adjust the pressure to the face, special discreet elastics are added so that the mask does not slip. We offer ready-made masks with our graphic designs. In case of orders over 50pcs there is a possibility to print an individual design, or a company logo. Please send your orders and additional questions to biuro@graffiti ATTENTION : The product does not guarantee protection against all types of viruses and bacteria. Its effectiveness depends on responsible use. The use of the mask does not exempt you from the responsibility of hygienic social behavior - washing and disinfecting hands.