Advertising sunbeds with a print

Advertising sunbeds for your company!

In addition to advertising umbrellas with company logos, we also manufacture deckchairs/ sunbeds for marketing purposes. We have been offering a variety of advertising gadgets for three decades, so we can always offer our customers sets best suited to their business profile. In many cases, these will be the advertising deckchairs, which enjoy unflagging popularity. Such deckchairs have become an increasingly popular advertising gadget for years. They are attractive in every respect. Naturally, the most from the utilitarian angle, since when set up they attract tired passersby in places where they often did not expect the possibility of even a moment's rest. Mobile advertising deckchairs with printing are definitely eye-catching. They are positively and pleasantly associated: with sweet laziness, rest and relaxation. Everyone knows how important it is for advertising gadgets to evoke pleasant associations. In addition to a printed umbrella providing shade in the summer heat, it is worth having a deckchair with your logo to complete the set.

Choice of deckchairs with company logo and other prints

Company logos are the most common motif for printed deckchairs. However, if you want to emphasize, for example, the uniqueness of the place or time you are setting up your deckchairs or umbrellas, it is worth betting on a commemorative print, which, however, will lead directly to your company, service or product through association. Promotional deckchairs are a good choice for permanent use, as well as to honor a periodic promotional campaign. After its completion, it is enough to replace the textile part of the deckchair.

If the graphics will only refer, for example, in color to the logo or to the logotype, and at the same time present elements that arouse positive emotions in the audience, they also have a chance to serve their purpose very well. After all, the lack of such literal advertising can intrigue and arouse the curiosity of the recipients of the message, wondering with whom or with what company and service they are supposed to associate it. Folding beach chairs with company logos are so mobile that you can set them up not only in front of the very entrance to your service point or headquarters, but also take them, for example, to trade fairs or other events. We offer various types of printing: large-format printing, as well as very precise printing on small areas. We use the latest technologies, such as the currently making a furore, direct sublimation printing and many others.

Loungers/sunbeds and other gadgets for small and large companies

Whether you order only deckchairs/sunbeds or choose them in a set with other gadgets, we do our best to make them according to your finest guidelines. We are always committed to listening to our customers regardless of whether the order is for a few or several hundred pieces. As a manufacturer of deck chairs and other equipment, we know very well what it is to run a business, both large and small. We know that the challenges faced by micro-entrepreneurs, including those of promotion, are sometimes greater than those faced by large entities. Therefore, we are also happy to support the former, so that with the help of, among other things, materials ordered from us, they can attract new groups of customers, and thus – grow in strength. For those who have already achieved success and are currently promoting their image on a large scale, our offer will help them maintain the good image necessary to systematically consolidate their high position in the market. We too, as a large manufacturer of deck chairs, started with small orders. Now we have been providing you with high-quality advertising materials for 35 years.

Bet on our experience!

Thanks to many years of experience in this industry, we can both point out current trends and present you with completely out-of-the-box solutions. It is up to you to make the final decision what form of visual advertising on gadgets you will choose for yourself. We are here for you precisely to present various possibilities. Among other things, we are a manufacturer of garden deckchairs, beach chairs, wooden deckchairs, but also the kind of deckchairs we see more and more often, spontaneously set up in the summer by local entrepreneurs on city lawns or sidewalks. Experience shows us that this casual form of promotion also appeals to people who are already tired of its flashy and pretentious forms. This is one of the characteristics of a large contemporary audience for broad marketing activities.

Fashionable and ecological

The fashion for deckchairs can be seen even along busy city streets, where just a few years ago it was futile to look for comfortable deckchairs. Nowadays, almost every larger catering establishment, small café, and often even companies from completely different industries, have their own deckchairs with the company's logo displayed in front of the entrance – in the café garden or in another suitable place. Today's consumers of all kinds of services bet not only on unpretentiousness, but also on ecology. takes this into account as a manufacturer of advertising deck chairs and other such materials. In addition to offering eco-friendly gadgets, we also have our own solar park! Thus, we implement the philosophy of living in an “eco" style on a daily basis and in the most tangible way possible. As a serious company we want to be a partner for each of our customers, we treat each of you individually. You can simply rely on!