Football flags - sector banners


Sector banners by size


We are a manufacturer of sector banners and other advertising products that will increase the visibility of your company. Sectorówki, or large format banners, give an interesting and eye-catching setting for team building events or sporting events. They will work well for sports clubs and more. The large format looks especially good on photos taken with a drone, and also looks great on video footage. A multi-meter sheet of material in vivid colors is impressive! Custom sectors are also a great way to advertise your company. Such a form is spectacular, attractive and, above all, eye-catching. Together we will prepare a project and choose the best technique for printing. The result will be a clear graphic with intense, saturated colors. Spectacular visual effect guaranteed!


What can we do for you?


Do you have a general vision of how your sectoral banner should look like, but you lack specifics? Need someone to turn the idea into a finished project? Make an appointment with us for an interview! We will take your idea into account and prepare a ready-made graphic for you! Wondering what the cost of a sectarian is? We will make a quote for any idea. All you need to do is contact us using the form, provide dimensions and attach a drawing. Together we will choose the type of printing and material. Depending on your needs, we can use different methods of transferring the drawing to the material. 


We will help you prepare a design that will meet your expectations. It is possible to personalize both the format and the graphic itself. So you can admire what your logo looks like proudly blowing in the wind! We will make your idea become a reality! We are experienced in transferring the design to fabric. This way you will be able to admire your designed sector board with delight. An unforgettable view!


Custom sectors – how do we do it?

The basis of success is the choice of the right material. We use the best raw materials. Made of 100% polyester fabric is durable. Thanks to this, the seersucker will represent your company or team with dignity. We guarantee high color saturation and appropriate visual effect. 

How do we print?


Will it be a clear outline and filling with pure, saturated colors? Or maybe you care about reproduction of details and shading?  In the case of a sector banners, all you need is the sublimation method. Used on white or other light-colored polyester fabrics, it provides high-quality printing in a full range of colors. It guarantees durability, which is extremely important for large formats, prone to bending or exposed to wind. Thanks to the sublimation method, you can be sure that even under the influence of negative atmospheric conditions the drawing will not be distorted and the color will not fade. The use of sublimation ink also does not require special preparation of the material, which greatly simplifies the entire process of project implementation. 


We are open to your ideas


Are you dreaming of an unusual shape or format of your sector? A pennant or a circle? It's no problem for us! Contact us by phone, in person or by e-mail, order a sector sheet in the shape and format you like. This way we will help you stand out from the rest. Worried that it is necessary to order more pieces, and you only need a few? That's no problem either. Contact us, tell us about your idea, and we will price it and make it happen. We are open to your out-of-the-box projects – we will be happy to bring them to life, because we like it when, thanks to us, customers get the products they need.


What else besides sector banners?

Sectors are perfect for all kinds of outdoor events. They can be supplemented with our other advertising products: banners, umbrellas, pennants, beach flags, tents or cubes, advertising ponchoes. Particularly, fencing banners will effectively isolate the main space of an event, decorated with sectors. In one place, in our company, you will provide a worthy setting for your meeting: from tents to small gadgets. We can only imagine how spectacular the whole thing will look!