3D advertisig poufs

Advertising poufs – an interesting solution for your company!

Advertising poufs can be a great addition to your company's space. They are also perfect for various events. Advertising cubes can be designed to combine into a single whole. The cubes can be single modules, which, when arranged side by side or one on top of the other, create a one-of-a-kind advertisement. The printing on the sides of the cube can combine, for example, in the name of the company. A huge advantage of our advertising cubes is that the covers can be replaced. This makes the appearance of the poufs you can match the character of the event.

Printed advertising poufs – a simple way of marketing

Building brand awareness is not an easy process. It requires patience and action on many levels. In addition, it does not end when the customer comes to the company. To make a person want to come back, he must be encouraged to do so. Printed poufs allow you to transform your interior design, and make it easier to remember your brand. By ordering advertising cubes with your logo, slogan or company colors printed on them, you gain additional advertising that can stay in the mind of someone who has shown an initial interest in your services. While they won't work everywhere, where you need a place to sit, they will do the job. Advertising poufs are products suitable for offices. You can put them on display during conferences or use them for corridor space in institutions where business is based on meetings with clients and employees. They can also be used during open events, when such advertising will be seen by many people.
Velcro-fastened cover is interchangeable, so if you are going to change the layout, just order the cover itself, the cover can be washed in a washing machine on the hand wash program. The material is certified non-flammable. It is also possible to order a product with personalized sizes.

Printed advertising cubes – high quality, comfort and versatility

Printed advertising cubes allow a lot of creativity. When it comes to printing, there are virtually no limitations. Advertising poufs can have any graphics, text or photos on their surface. When creating advertising cubes, we use digital printing. This solution allows for high quality and excellent color reproduction. Printed advertising cubes are resistant to weather conditions, so they can be successfully used during outdoor events. The printing we put on the advertising cubes is also resistant to abrasion. This makes advertising poufs a great investment that will serve your company for a long time!

Advertising poufs – durable, like your business

A company that wants to be associated with high quality materials and services must take care of its image in every way. That's why printed advertising poufs, which you can order from us, are a great choice. We make them so that they can withstand various conditions without losing quality. The cover is durable and easy to keep clean. You can easily take it off and wash it to get rid of dirt formed during use. After this procedure, the printed pouffe will look perfect again. The direct sublimation printing we use ensures the durability of the graphics. This way you get a top quality advertising product that will let people think that your company offers the same excellence. The removable cover will also reduce the cost in case you change the graphic design – you don't have to order whole poufs.

Printed poufs for serious business

Many people associate poufs with children and infantility. However, this impression is illusory. A properly designed printed pouffe looks elegant and stylish. This type of seating is an asset for spaces where guests can experience comfort while waiting. Placing a printed pouffe in a company's hallway introduces a pleasant atmosphere. This makes those waiting for a meeting feel more at ease than sitting on hard chairs, which are not always comfortable. Promotional poufs increase the positive feelings that make customers leave satisfied and more likely to use your services again. In addition, pleasant thoughts associated with the poufs will make the item more memorable. That's why the right imprint is so important. Place a graphic on the surface of the pouffe that will make you stand out in a crowd of competitors. It can be a logo, but also something you want to be associated with. For example, in a bookstore or publishing house, poufs often have book themes. Attach the name of the company to such graphics, so that these elements blend closely together and become memorable to consumers. Such an unconventional solution will allow brands in many fields to gain popularity.