Pennants can be an elegant form of decorating the office. It is a form of advertisement appreciated worldwide and is commonly used to decorate trade fair booths.

Advertising pennants – for the office and events

Advertising pennants are perfect for many situations. They can be used to decorate trade fair stands during various events, but also, for example, to decorate offices. The advertising pennants we produce are double-sided. We can print any graphics or text on each page. Most often, customers decide on the company logo. As a flag manufacturer, we offer various shapes of mini flags that can be tailored to the customer's vision.

As a pennant manufacturer, we guarantee the highest quality of workmanship. We pay special attention to selecting appropriate semi-finished products. Our advertising pennants are made of great-looking polyester satin. The pennants are finished with decorative string or fringes – depending on the design and the client's vision.

Pennants – choose Graffiti Print

Do you want to decorate your office or trade fair stand? Pennants will be perfect for this. Although our company's headquarters is located near Poznań, we fulfill orders for advertising pennants for customers from all over Europe. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer. We will be happy to answer any questions and advise you on advertising pennants.

High quality

The pennants are made of the highest quality polyester satin. They are double-sided. A special stiffener is placed between the layers of material, thanks to which the material does not wrinkle and remains taut. The company logo, coat of arms or other graphics that you place on your pennants will always be perfectly displayed.

We use decorative string or fringes to finish the edges of the pennant.

Graffiti Print – a proven manufacturer of pennants

Graffiti Print is a pennant manufacturer that will prepare exactly the advertising materials you need. Our priority is to provide the highest quality products that are refined down to the smallest detail. Design, workmanship and textiles used – everything is at the highest level so that you can use our pennants and other advertising materials for a long time. We guarantee that the highest requirements and expectations will be met in terms of the design and subsequent implementation.

Expressive, properly reproduced colors, readability, transparency and high resistance to weather factors such as rain, wind or sunlight – these are the most important benefits you can receive by ordering advertising flags from Graffiti Print.

Standard sizes:
14 x 20 cm
20 x 30 cm
25 x 40 cm