Beach Poncho

The perfect poncho for swimming and walrushing


Every beach and walrus enthusiast knows that an essential item after getting out of the water is a lightweight and absorbent garment that will protect from the wind and allow the body to dry quickly. This is where our swimming and walrus poncho comes onto the scene. This is a wonderful, multifunctional accessory that is gaining more and more recognition among those who practice this winter health ritual. The bathing poncho is not an ordinary towel, but a practical garment that perfectly serves its purpose. We made sure that its design meets all the needs of both walruses and beachgoers.


We create swimming ponchos from high-quality, certified materials that are pleasant to the body and provide adequate protection. The beach poncho is ideal for use after getting out of the water – it is lightweight, highly absorbent and dries quickly, and its large size perfectly protects the body from the wind. It is equipped with a hood, which further protects the head.


Our swimming and walrus ponchos are a real must-have for every walrus and summer swimming enthusiast. They are characterized by:


  • High quality materials – making them extremely durable and long-lasting.

  • Practicality – they are lightweight, dry quickly, and are easy to pack and transport.

  • Functionality – they protect you from the wind (dense microfiber weave) and allow you to easily change clothes, as they are designed to move freely under the poncho. 

In our ponchos you will find a combination of the best solutions, which will work well after walruses, as well as in the summer after swimming on the sunny beach or after swimming pool follies. We are confident that our products will meet the expectations of even the most demanding water sports enthusiasts.

Advantages of microfiber bathing poncho


Wondering what makes microfiber swim ponchos so noticeable on the market? The answer is simple: the advantages of this fabric translate into unparalleled comfort in use. Microfiber is a material that excels at getting out of the water, thanks to its unique properties.


First of all, ponchos made of microfiber are characterized by an extraordinary speed of drying. This is extremely important during walruses, when every minute spent in the cold air can be unpleasant. Besides, microfiber bathing ponchos are extremely lightweight, which translates into carrying and packing convenience. Microfiber also has the advantage of being soft, making it pleasant to the touch. Our bath poncho not only dries effectively, but also provides a feeling of comfort and luxury.


Microfiber is also a strong and durable material, so buying our poncho is an investment for years. With our microfiber bathing poncho, you can enjoy walrting and beachcombing to the fullest, without the unpleasant feeling of cold, excessive sun and humidity.

Functionality of the hood in a beach poncho


An extremely important element is the hood, which performs special tasks. Blended into the design of the beach poncho, it increases your comfort after getting out of the water, when you are still wet and vulnerable to cold wind. The purpose of the hood is to protect your head and neck – the parts of your body that lose heat the fastest. Its design also provides protection from the intense sun.


Thanks to the hood, our beach poncho becomes not only a designer garment, but also an effective protection against the cold or the sun's harmful rays. The integration of the hood with the poncho cleverly protects the skin from chilling, while allowing you to enjoy refreshing walruses. The hood and appropriate design make it a multi-tasking accessory. A beach poncho, or swim poncho, is a brilliant combination of comfort, protection and style that all walrus and summer beach lovers are sure to appreciate.


Choose a printed poncho – why is it worth it?

Walrus enthusiasts certainly know the value of warming up quickly and easily after emerging from the chilly water. This is where personalized beach ponchos come to the rescue. But what makes them different from the rest available on the market? Our ponchos are equipped with a practical sewing on the sides, which makes it quick and convenient to cover yourself with it, and easy to change if necessary, without taking off the walrus poncho. It will be perfect both on the beach and at the pool. So if you are looking for comfort and functionality, a poncho is an excellent choice.

The advantages of having such a solution cannot be overestimated. First of all, our beach ponchos provide instant warmth after swimming, which is especially important after a long walrus swim or after getting out of the water on a windy beach. Thus, it is possible to quickly change clothes or do a warm-up. Ponchos are also a guarantee of intimacy after getting out of the water, when there are a lot of people at the beach or pool. Take advantage of the practical solutions we offer and you will see that walrting will become even more enjoyable.

Walrus ponchos or beach ponchos – not only after swimming


If you are a walrus enthusiast, you certainly know the value of the right equipment. Walrus swimming ponchos are not only a functional accessory, but also provide comfort and safety during winter baths. Made of durable yet soft materials, bathing ponchos are ideal not only after getting out of the water, but also while relaxing on the beach. Walrus ponchos are also excellent protection from the sun and wind. Their wide orifice and generous shape ensure that the skin is effectively protected from harmful UV rays. Thus, it can successfully replace typical beach towels. In addition, beach ponchos have a special hood that protects the head from the cold and wind. Bathing ponchos are not only a covering after swimming, but also a stylish addition to beach styling. It can be successfully used by anyone who appreciates comfort and protection at the beach. Whether you go to the beach in winter or summer, a microfiber swim poncho is sure to be a hit!

How to take care of a microfiber swim poncho?


A microfiber bathing poncho is an essential item for every walrus and beachgoer. Extremely soft and absorbent, it is the perfect tool for drying off after walruses. To ensure that your bathing poncho will serve you for a long time, it is important to properly care for and store your microfiber.

The basic step is to pay attention to how to wash the bath poncho. Microfiber should be washed without softener and at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees. Store the poncho in a dry place to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold. The advantage of a microfiber bath poncho is its ability to dry quickly, which prevents the multiplication of bacteria. Join the ranks of satisfied walruses and beachgoers enjoying the comfort and functionality of a microfiber poncho.


Personalization of ponchos – the perfect corporate gift

Our swimming ponchos are not only a practical piece of clothing for winter and summer swimming enthusiasts, but also a great opportunity to personalize and create a unique corporate gift. You can print on the entire surface of the poncho (front, back, hood) any graphics, such as your company logo or photo, making it a unique, customized gift for your employees or contractors.

The advantages of personalizing our ponchos are:


Strong individuality – A poncho with your logo is a meaningful symbol that attracts attention and increases brand recognition.

Attractive gift – Personalized ponchos are an original and functional gift for your customers, for which they are sure to thank you.

High quality – Our walrus ponchos are prepared from the highest quality materials, which guarantees their durability.

Choose personalization on our walrus ponchos and let yourself and others experience uniqueness!