Advertising covers for car mirrors
Universally sized, flexible mirror covers are a product with which you can quickly and easily decorate your car with any design of your choice. The flexible finish allows the edges to embrace any shape of the mirror. The set includes a pair of covers.


Flexible fabric

Rubber edge finishing adjusts a cover to a particular wing mirror shape.

A set consists of 2 pieces (1 pair).

Minimal amount 100 pairs.

Mini-shirts imitating sports clothes

Mini shirts imitating sports outfits
Mini sports outfits imitate real sports kits. The set includes a hanger and a suction cup for the glass.

The minimum quantity: 200 pieces

Mini-scarf imitating sport scarfs

Sold with glass-sucker

Minimal amount for order 100 pieces.

Fancy pillow

Decorative pillow
Decorative pillow is a product that is created by direct sublimation on high quality polyester satin. It is often chosen for sponsored events. It is also often an accessory for lounge areas in large corporations and smaller companies.

Multi-functional scarf

Multifunctional scarf
Multifunctional scarf is a product that can be used as: a hat, headband, hair elastic, bandana or scarf. It has two versions: a winter version, with additional fleece, and a summer version, without fleece. It is made of high-quality stretch polyester. The designs of graphics placed on the production should take into account the size of 50/50 cm and stitching.

A minimum of 50 pieces.

calendars on self-adhesive material

At least once a year it is stocked by almost everyone. A wall or other type of calendar accompanies us every day in many places: at home, at work, at university. Despite the advent of computers or multifunctional smartphones, it is still difficult to do without just a classic calendar, on which it is easy to check the current date, plan various types of wide-ranging activities. Custom calendars have been produced not since today. Many of our customers routinely buy them every year. Meanwhile, in addition to classic personalized calendars, for example, for companies, our customers especially recommend calendars on self-adhesive material, which are very convenient for everyday use.