Advertising tents are a product that allows you to place your advertisement on a large, portable surface. Thanks to modern technology, you can set up the tent easily and quickly at any event location. It is an excellent solution for sporting events, concerts, trade fairs and many other occasions.

We offer various sizes and shapes of tents. Thanks to our wide range of products, you can choose one that will suit the occasion and the place.

Each tent consists of a set of printed material – the cover and the frame. You don't have to worry about matching parts. We select the right parts so that you get a finished product.

Each tent is packed in a special bag, making transportation and storage much easier.

In addition to standard orders, we also deal with those that require unique solutions. We are open to demanding orders of non-standard sizes and shapes. These are used, for example, during outdoor events, weddings or holidays. If you have an unusual concept, we will find the right solutions for it.

Advertising tents quick folding – best quality and time saving

Do you need an advertising tent to represent your company at many different events? We strongly recommend fast-expandable advertising tents. They are valued by our customers and are the most popular choice. Quick-expandable advertising tents are easy to transport – they fit into a single bag, which at the same time acts as a protective material. Quick-expandable advertising tents can be unfolded in less than a minute, and are attached to the ground with special pins.

The quick-expandable advertising tents we produce are perfect for all kinds of field events.

Available in sizes:
3x3m, 3×4,5m, 3x6m

40mm x 40mm x 1,2mm
50mm x 50mm x 1,5mm