Advertising sandwich - mobile banners

Banners are an indispensable advertising element of any company

They cannot be missed at company events, company open days, trade fairs, team-building or special events and many others. This is a great way to advertise a company, and often a way to give something to a potential customer or employee. Our company Graffiti Print is a manufacturer and distributor of many such items. We are talking more specifically about: advertising sandwich, printed protective masks, tents, advertising flags, pennants, printed poufs, sectors, winder flags, beach items such as hats, deck chairs, umbrellas and others, as well as gadgets such as scarves, pillows, etc. What distinguishes our sandwich used for advertising? Among other things, a very useful and at the same time convenient solution was used in its production. Well, it is possible to roll it up into a smaller one, and in a simple way. Another important issue is the possibility of putting any inscription or graphics on the sandwich. We use high quality sublimation printing, as well as large format printing and direct sublimation printing.

Advertising sandwich banner from Graffiti Print

Advertising sandwiches are a great solution for both small and large companies. Regardless of size, a company wants to be noticed and wants to advertise itself as well. In the case of the advertising sandwich, its advantage is that it can be placed both outdoors, outdoors and indoors. It is also excellent, and one of the most popular advertising mediums. Sandwiches can be customized according to the circumstances and the place where they will be displayed. Another advantage is also their mobility. They are lightweight and easy to set up. In our online store, you do not need to place an order for a huge number of banners right away. We meet the expectations of our customers and allow them to place orders for a small number of specific products. Not many companies agree to such a policy. However, we have a different approach to this.

Where will a sandwich used to advertise your company come in handy?

Contact us and we will be happy to help you select the right advertising sandwich for your company, as well as for the circumstances for which you need it. A sandwich generally consists of two parts formed from stretched fabric. They absolutely do not wrinkle, and look like two parts of a sandwich put together. Hence the name. This type of banner has many advantages. It can be used in many different situations, as well as places. Sandwich banners are extremely lightweight and also mobile. As a result, they can be easily transported, even in the trunk of a car, to the destination. Another point is the ease of unfolding and folding the sandwich. All it takes is one move and you're done. It is made with attention to every detail. The graphics or lettering to be placed on it is very qualitative and clear. No problem at Graffiti Print we personalize the order to your needs.


Sandwich advertising ideal for the outdoors, as well as inside the building


When it comes to an advertisement such as a sandwich, it is, of course, strictly limited in size. To give it the right shape, the material at the ends has tunnels, in which there are flexible rods. When unfolded, they properly tension the material, on which the print is placed. Sandwiches are often seen on beaches, golf courses, racetracks and other such places. If you are interested in purchasing such an advertisement, please contact us. We have been operating in the market for more than 30 years. We have relevant experience, as well as many satisfied customers. We guarantee not only a quality product, but also fast delivery, openness to out-of-the-box ideas and solutions, as well as direct and easy contact. We pay the same attention to each stage of production, so that the final result is an item that will satisfy our customer, and above all, will be in accordance with his expectations. At the same time, we are also mindful of the environment. The welfare of the planet is important to us. Therefore, with her in mind, we created our own solar park.