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Our flags are made from the highest quality resources.
We also pay a lot attention to finishings. It is really important to us, that our client gets the highest quality product, both in terms of printing, as well as details, which distinguish our products on the market. Because we use the best inks and machines, the print is equally saturated on both sides of the flag. Moreover, we also present competitive prices, when compared to companies of similar profiles. We sell our products in appealing prices. This comes from precise costs calculating and absence of excessive employment in our family-run business. As a result, client gets highest quality product, and employees get high salary. Flags are finished with double seam around it. Seams are also locked in vital places. Vertical flags are additionally strengthened in bottom corner. Left side of the flag is reinforced by sewing the tape (stiffener), with hooks or eyelets sewn on, or a line put through.
Flags’ endurance is tested on our company backyard.