Advertising tablecloths

Promotional tablecloth from Graffiti Print good for any occasion


Advertising gadgets are items that can be given to many people, including your potential customers, employees or even contractors. At Graffiti Print we manufacture and distribute, for example, advertising tablecloths. In addition, our offer also includes: printed protective masks, advertising flags, banners, pennants, tents, beach items, printed poufs, gadgets, sectaries, self-adhesive fabrics, or winder flags. You can order a tablecloth with any imprint from us. Thanks to the latest technology of direct sublimation printing, we produce advertising materials with any graphics. You can order your logo on any product from our offer. We are a manufacturer and apply sublimation printing to textiles, as well as large format printing or direct sublimation printing. In addition to tablecloths with your logo, it is also worth ordering promotional gadgets, deck chairs or self-adhesive calendars. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them, as well as advise you. Our services are comprehensive, and we always put your needs first, as well as your satisfaction.

Wondering what to use the advertising tablecloth for?


The occasions and circumstances are really many. Advertising tablecloths will be perfect for a company Christmas Eve, for example. The Christmas season is a magical time. Everyone wants to give then, without expecting anything in return. There is a pervasive feeling of joy and happiness. It is also the time when employee Christmas Eve parties are held in most companies. This is the perfect time to use a tablecloth with your company logo or any of your own imprints. It can decorate the table, and this way the graphic will be visible to all guests. Another great occasion is a family picnic. Such events are usually organized in the summer, outdoors. Set up benches, wooden tables, and tablecloths on them. Such an event can also be accompanied by other gadgets, such as advertising umbrellas to provide guests with some shade, advertising deck chairs on which you can lie down comfortably and relax with a lemonade in your hand, or advertising tents, under which you can set up tables with food and drink in turn. With advertising tablecloths, any event will be successful, both those held outdoors in the open air and those held indoors.

Where to use a custom-printed tablecloth?

The ways and places are many. One thing is certain, it will positively affect the image of your company. In addition, it is an interesting way to advertise, and the graphics or writing on the tablecloth will bring even more brand recognition. It can also focus the attention of future or potential customers of the company. So where is it worth placing tablecloths? There are many places. You can place them in catering establishments. There they will fulfill a function not only practical – table covering, aesthetic – thanks to them all tables will look equal, but it will also be an original design element. Advertising tablecloths can also be used to decorate hotels, boarding houses, banquet halls or conference rooms, as well as tables in catering gardens, which are plentiful in the summer in central areas of larger cities. Thus, they will work well both for team-building and training events and for trade fairs. It is worth paying attention to what will be on the advertising tablecloth. Both the graphics and the inscription should fit the circumstances and the image of the company. Our prints are made with great care. We ensure color intensity, as well as image sharpness. Modern printing technology provides all these important details.


Printed tablecloth for your business

If you're looking for a printed tablecloth, you've come to the right place. Take advantage of our offer. We are a company with experience and traditions. We have been operating on the market for more than 30 years. We put every effort into every order. We sell and create high-quality goods that can be personalized for each customer. We are also open to out-of-the-box solutions. If it seems to you that something is impossible for advertising gadgets, contact us. You may be mistaken. At Graffiti Print you will order not only large quantities of custom printed tablecloths or other items. We also handle small orders. We make every effort at every stage of the order, from production, distribution and customer contact. We do not resemble a large corporate company in any way. For us, people count above all, but not only earnings. We also place great emphasis on the environment and ecology. That is why we have our own solar park. After all, in the age of the 21st century, we should care not only about ourselves, but also about the planet we live on.