Flags for sailors

Sailing flags – the highest quality and durability
When we create our sailing flags, we guarantee you the highest quality workmanship. By choosing the products we offer, you are assured that they will serve you for a long time. You also know right away that you are reaching for a solid solution that will accompany you on many water expeditions. We offer professional sublimation printing on textiles, allowing you to enjoy for a long time the content, pattern or logo you want the flag to represent. You can put practically anything you feel like on it, and it will become a perfect advertising medium or a place for a sign or symbol close to you.
Good yacht flags should be as legible as possible. We offer products that are made of the best raw materials. Installation is child's play! Printing looks good when it is done with proper care and attention to detail. Think about this when choosing flags from our offer, because we always strive to provide customers with products of high aesthetic value, perfectly prepared to perform their function.

Flags on the ship – we will tailor them to your needs

You certainly want the right look for the flag on the ship. We will easily match it to your needs so that you are fully satisfied with the product you receive. If you need few copies, no worries – we will surely find the right option to meet your expectations. We are open to out-of-the-box solutions. Original and out-of-the-box ideas that require personalization are a chance for us to tap the layers of creativity. We are happy to realize them.
You can count on the personalization of your order – all sailing flags can be modified in the right way to create something unique, tailored to your specific needs. We also ensure fast delivery of each order so that you don't have to wait too long for your flag. We will make everything according to the plan that we will carefully establish with you. If you have any doubts, we provide professional advice.

Sailing flags – the perfect addition to any boat

Sailing flags can incorporate the design of a country's flag, but this is not the only type available. Sailing flags can present the logo of a sports club. They are also often used to showcase the logo of a sponsor or several sponsoring companies. Sailing flags can also take the form of advertising a particular company or product – it all depends on the nature of the event.

Our sailing flags can be used on a wide variety of ships, boats or sailboats. The highest quality materials and high standard of workmanship distinguish our flags from others available on the market.
Flags look best in the wind, and sailing provides ample opportunities for displaying them. Hence the variety of shapes, mounts and materials used in their production.

Flags are hung in the harbor as a large advertisement, flag galas hung on ships are also created, some boats are equipped with club flags, and still others are equipped with large spinnakers with sponsor advertising. Club flags must be characterized by high weather resistance, for this reason we make them as standard from two layers of material, hiding the seams inside the flag. Depending on demand, we use different material weights: from 110 to 205 g/m2.

To make your flags look beautiful, we always include sincere wishes with your order: “auspicious winds!".