Advertising chairs with your print

Advertising chairs

“Graffiti Print" is a thriving family business that has been in the market for more than thirty years. Thanks to the use of the latest technological solutions, we can boast of international cooperation. Our production is focused on the production of flags, advertising banners and other products, which we print directly on textiles. The secret of the success of our brand development is the use of the best inks and materials and the stability of printing. We pay special attention to exclusive customer service and timely delivery. We take an individual approach to each order. It is also worth mentioning that we take care of the environment when carrying out large-scale orders. We have our own solar park, which allows us to use renewable energy sources. We offer our customers to place personalized orders. For us, above-average solutions are key. We develop our skills on a daily basis, so out-of-the-box ideas are always an interesting experience for us. Are you thinking about buying advertising chairs? On our website you can order luxury products even in small quantities. We are flexible in fulfilling in a variety of orders.

Advertising chairs and recliners – comfortable accessories for your business

Event furniture has been growing in popularity among owners of small, medium and large companies for several seasons. Nowadays, even multinational corporations are encouraging their employees with a variety of benefits worth taking advantage of. One of the most interesting solutions are fruit Thursdays or an extended break from work, which can be spent lounging on an advertising deck chair. Advertising chairs are also an essential piece of equipment for catering gardens. Customers ordering hot meals can comfortably and quietly lounge with friends and consume a snack without haste. Modern advertising chairs are a fashionable accessory and a showcase for your company. Practical seats are easy to use, lightweight and take up little space, as they can be folded. For example, they enrich the organization of mass events such as “summer night cinema" or other entertainment performances.
Advertising chairs – convenience for everyone
Probably, each of us dreams of a comfortable rest. Therefore, to meet the expectations of customers, we have created advertising chairs, which with their design match the rest of the event furniture and accessories. The fabric used is resistant and durable for use. The original and compact design of the advertising chair is additionally made of top-class materials. With attention to the smallest details, advertising chairs are refined to the maximum. Ideal for children, teenagers and adults. Certainly, the investment in a consistent relaxation area will pay off in the short future of your company. Advertising chairs or recliners are today's “must have" for any business venture. Thinking about opening a neighborhood ice cream shop? Today, standards are constantly rising. Don't get ahead of the competition. Create a friendly corner where customers will enjoy ice cream, waffles or other delicacies in a pleasant atmosphere. The vision of a modern company is within your reach.

Advertising chairs as a fashionable accessory for your company

Our seating design is reliably made. We have specialized in craftsmanship for decades. We have patented sublimation printing on textiles and multi-format printing. For us, nothing is impossible. A decent wooden frame and the highest quality fabric used allowed us to create a product ideal for even the most demanding customers. With polished accessories, your business will strategically build a positive brand image. The applied fabrics remain resistant to mechanical damage, UV rays and abrasion for a long time. In case of rain, you can count on your chairs and recliners to dry quickly and be in perfect condition. Because of their quality, advertising chairs look perfect even after several years of use. However, you can easily replace the seat and backrest. With us you will order the print itself, if the need for a new design comes. There is also no denying that advertising chairs can be an interesting addition to the interior design. Useful at various fairs, they attract the attention of not only children. Most of us probably can't imagine an event that lacks a relaxation area equipped with chairs with logos of famous brands.
Advertising chairs – stand out from the rest
There is no denying that with a set of advertising chairs, brand promotion is more effective. Recognition, building social trust is now one of the key methods of acquiring customers. Advertising chairs allow you to simply stand out from the crowd. Interesting accents allow you to create an attractive space for potential customers. As a result, trademarks are exposed and better remembered. They are a key element in the organization of a friendly and modern promotional booth. More and more makeup artists organizing makeup events for a wider audience are just using a director's chair. Wondering how to equip a conference room or office? Promotional chairs are an interesting accent that cannot be overlooked, and this is what we all care about the most. Order processing at “Graffiti Print" is fast. All you need to do is place an accurate order, including the quantity and type of event furniture, and wait for a properly secured shipment.