Windsock – a form of advertising that will catch the eye!

Advertising can have a wide variety of media. The windsock we offer is a great three-dimensional space, ideal to act as a background for the content you choose. It is an original solution that is sure to be noticed and appreciated by your surroundings. If you don't want to follow the beaten path, we can help you with that. You can easily mount our windsocks anywhere and use them at least during all kinds of events and outdoor events.

Are you waiting to organize a sports event by the water?

In this case windsock will work perfectly, and what content you put on it depends only on your needs and creativity. Certainly, many times you have noticed this kind of accessory in open spaces, where they can easily indicate the strength of the wind, as well as inform about its current direction. Movable advertising, if you decide to use it, can testify to your ingenuity and out-of-the-box approach to the task at hand. It is sure to meet with the approval of people in your community and with the admiration of guests invited to a given event. A very good choice for advertising with the help of a windsock are sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing competitions. During such events, the strength of the wind and its direction are constantly studied, and therefore the windsock is sure to be noticed.

Windsock – we will make it the way you need it!

When you choose a windsock of our production, you will also be able to choose how to attach it to a metal or plastic rim, depending on the conditions and which solution you like better. The high quality material and professional printing we offer you will make sure that you will enjoy your designed from scratch project for an extremely long time. Windsock will be created according to your instructions, taking into account all your needs. Of course, we will provide advice and assistance if there are any doubts on your side about the essence of the project.

We approach each order individually, so it doesn't matter whether you need a large number of copies or perhaps just a single model through which you want to convey or present something. You don't have to worry about deadlines, because we guarantee a fast, yet reliable execution of each order. We are happy to work on a non-obvious idea, and we will help you refine it. We like challenges, that's why we will do everything in our power to polish every project, even the most demanding, to the last button. Tell us what you need, and we will offer you the best solution – you will receive from us elevators in such an edition as you dream of. We invite you to contact us now and establish cooperation.

This is a product that looks great in windy spaces as a moving advertisement.

The three-dimensional space is a great idea for unique graphics full of fantasy.

Windsock is perfect as an advertisement during various outdoor events. It is often used during sporting events, especially on the waterfront. You can spot this product at airports, ports and bridges, during windsurfing, sailing and kitesurfing competitions, where it marks the direction of the wind and its strength.

Windsock – advertising that cannot be overlooked

When organizing any type of event, you must remember to advertise and properly mark the venue. You have many options to choose from, but certainly one of the more distinctive ones is the windsock. This type of advertising is clearly noticeable, so your event is sure to interest passersby. If someone has not been reached by information about the event you are organizing, he or she will certainly pay attention to the windsock hanging in the wind, which, filling with air, attracts the eye. Thanks to it, any event held outdoors will gain popularity. It is therefore an excellent form of advertising!

Windsock must look its best, as it draws attention due to its aesthetics. 

By commissioning us to make it, you get a guarantee of quality. We take an individual approach to each customer and customize advertising windsocks according to their needs. At the same time, we are familiar with the creation of advertising, which allows us to give advice. We will help you choose the right color saturation, or the placement of individual elements on them. Working with us, you will receive comprehensive support and advertising with excellent materials that will help you attract new customers and engage people in your initiative. Windsocks catch the eye with their magnificent appearance, and also create a unique atmosphere during sporting events, where they are often present.

Windsock – pleasing to the eye, environmentally friendly

The appearance of advertising materials and gadgets is very important. The environment of an event looks better if all the elements match each other. Therefore, when designing your corporate windsock, be sure to have the right color scheme, which will be consistent with the entire visual identity. Then the windsock will be pleasant to look at. This is very important, because the nicer the setting of an event or individual stand, the greater the chance that other people – our potential customers – will come up to learn more about a particular service or product. This is worth noting especially during open events, which anyone can join. Equal colors on all elements also allow your activities to be better remembered and associated with a particular brand. So let us make sure that your windsocks show you at your best.

One of the positive qualities that your company can boast of, using our offer, is ecology. This is because when producing windsocks, we are mindful of the environment. We use energy obtained in our solar park. High quality workmanship allows windsocks to be used again and again, and the direct sublimation printing and inks used are not only durable, but also safe for the environment. By choosing our products you can simultaneously take care of the setting of your event and the environment in which it takes place. After all, Windsocks are the type of advertising that works best for outdoor events. This use motivates us to create them really solidly to make them last.

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