Printed decorative pillow 

Decorative pillow

It is difficult to imagine rest and relaxation without a comfortable pillow. The use of pillows can be truly versatile and remarkable. Particularly noteworthy are decorative, advertising pillows, which are not only a striking decoration, but also a great gift for various important occasions or an element of advertising content presentation.

Decorative pillows – an oasis of calm in the room

No one said that creating a cozy corner where you can relax with ease and pleasure is reserved exclusively for domestic use. More and more companies are organizing rest and relaxation spaces in their offices. Such spaces also appear at festivals and sporting events. This extremely important place positively influences the mood and productivity of employees, a pleasant atmosphere among the participants of concerts or sports competitions. In companies, the comfort zone allows people to feel taken care of and appreciated, which translates into the quality of their duties. There is no denying the fact that social rooms with small, even claustrophobic space are becoming a thing of the past, and are being replaced by real oases of calm, which are conducive to recharging batteries and social relations. Participants of any events also appreciate such spaces, and advertising pillows allow not only to promote the chosen logo on them, but also to associate them with positive emotions.

In a company, most often such places are a separate area with comfortable sofas and beautiful, decorative pillows that invite with their appearance a momentary break from work. Cushions in a place intended to provide respite and rest should be selected in a non-accidental way.

Advertising pillows – colors and fabrics that create an atmosphere

The size of the pillow and its colors are entirely up to you and what you want to convey by creating the space. It is important to pay attention to practical aspects in addition to aesthetics. Spaces in a company, restaurant or hotel, as well as during sports or music events attract many people. So it's good to choose a material that not only looks great and is comfortable for users, but also one that is difficult to get dirty and easy to clean if necessary. At Graffiti Print we offer a selection of materials that are perfect for such circumstances – more decorative and prestigious-looking satin cushions are often ordered for hotels, for spaces that are supposed to be associated with luxury, while matte-decorative material, on the other hand, is more often ordered for events, such as venues that have organized sponsors with their own graphic design. Large prints or rich designs of decorative pillows make the brand associated with pleasant moments.

Decorative pillow – a great gift idea

A decorative pillow is a great gift idea for everyone. The possibility of personalizing the print to suit the circumstances makes it a unique and practical gift. You can give it to your loved ones, but also use it as a gift for important family or corporate events.

You can place a photo or an interesting print on decorative pillows. Depending on the circumstances, they will always remind you of an important event such as a baptism, wedding, birthday or hen/stag party. Decorative pillows are also a brilliant way to advertise your company and services. A logo printed on pillows is certainly a very interesting and catchy marketing idea.

There are many ideas on how to use decorative pillows. No matter which one you choose, the effect will always be delightful. Moreover, such a gift is a unique proof of warm feelings, memory and celebration of important life moments.

Decorative pillows – our offer

Our company's offer includes beautiful satin or matte decorative pillows. Both versions are extremely durable, resistant to use, and easy to clean. We focus on quality, so you can be sure that you are ordering a solid product that will perfectly present your content: logo, slogans, photos and graphics. All prints are created using advanced sublimation printing technology, which is characterized by excellent durability and quality. The sublimation technique is safe for health, and water-based paints are harmless to the environment. Importantly, in addition to the available sizes, you can order a product that will be the size you want. We are open to unconventional ideas and we implement many unique projects.

Our many years of experience and knowledge ensure the highest quality of the products offered. We use the best European raw materials in the production of advertising items such as flags, banners and decorative pillows. In our company, we use the most modern paints and machines and create innovative printing methods that allow for perfect color saturation. We ensure quick order fulfillment and efficient delivery.