Sleeping band

Sleep bands

Qualitative recovery is the ticket to a healthy and peaceful lifestyle. A blindfold can help with this. This is an excellent gadget for companies that manufacture cosmetics, for brands that produce travel items, but also for airlines or railroads. Such a gadget will also work great for beverage manufacturers, festival organizers, travel agencies and many, many others. Check out the range of sleep bands that we custom print for our customers.

Blindfold for sleeping – where to buy and which products to choose?

The blindfold should have an original design that will appeal to gadget lovers and those who pay attention to details. We will apply any graphics to the wristbands, which will present exactly the design you want to advertise with. You can send us your own design – custom graphics with your company logo or special sign or text specific to your own brand. This will give you unique products that will appeal to your customers. Personalized accessories are a great idea for interesting gifts for customers and employees. 

Blindfolds – quality products pleasant for your body

Blindfold for sleeping can be an indispensable part of the equipment of anyone who extremely strongly values the possibility of complete relaxation and comfort during sleep, but also works well for all those who fall asleep only in full darkness.

Since we pay special attention to how our products are made and value quality workmanship, this is no different. The printed blindfold you can purchase from Graffiti Print is a top-quality product with a clear, saturated print. It is worth mentioning that our wristbands are printed using the most modern sublimation method, which guarantees that the products are durable and the colors are juicy. We use water-based inks that are suitable for close contact with the skin. All our sleeping masks are manufactured in Poland using renewable energy sources. A sleeping band can make a great gift for your customers. Your company, whose logo you will put on such wristbands, will be associated with the comfort of regeneration and rest, and your customers will appreciate the quality of the product, which they will use for years.

Blindfolds that advertise your brand

Blindfolds are products that work well wherever excessive light or the fast-rising sun prevent free sleep. People also use them on public transportation: during flights, train and coach rides. With sleeping blindfolds from Graffiti Print, your brand will be on display wherever your gift-giving customers take their useful gadget. It is the sleeping blindfold that allows you to take a break from unnecessary stimuli and enjoy a moment of relaxation, so it will be a gadget that will be gladly taken and used. Opt for quality and durable sleep products. 

Choose proven blindfolds and make your brand associated with comfortable rest.