Self stick calendars

At least once a year it is stocked by almost everyone. A wall or other type of calendar accompanies us every day in many places: at home, at work, at university. Despite the advent of computers or multifunctional smartphones, it is still difficult to do without just a classic calendar, on which it is easy to check the current date, plan various types of wide-ranging activities. Custom calendars have been produced not since today. Many of our customers routinely buy them every year. Meanwhile, in addition to classic personalized calendars, for example, for companies, our customers especially recommend calendars on self-adhesive material, which are very convenient for everyday use.

Solid, functional, unique Customers can send us their individual design of a self-adhesive calendar from Graffiti Print. Thanks to this, it becomes a unique accessory, which is even more pleasant to use. Importantly, it can be easily and conveniently glued in various places. Calendars with a logo on self-adhesive material are a willingly ordered gadget. The self-adhesive calendars we offer are distinguished by everything that Graffiti Print offers for all its products: they are made aesthetically and reliably, as well as with attention to the smallest details. We know that the calendar, apart from being functional, should also be aesthetic. However, personalized calendars from Graffiti Print are much more than a nicely printed, self-adhesive sheet. It is an expressive print and juicy colors that look extremely elegant on the matte material. Such a calendar does not reflect light and is legible. What's more, it can be easily peeled off and re-glued without leaving any traces, stretching or tearing - it is strong, durable and practical, and in addition it looks great. At Graffiti Print, we will make a given calendar exactly according to your idea. We will add the highest quality to fully meet your expectations. Such a calendar can be a great gift for contractors and co-workers, and besides, it should be present in every office room.

Custom calendars An extraordinary calendar published every year can turn out to be both relatively inexpensive and a very important element of your company's promotional strategy. Remember that at Graffiti Print you can order self-adhesive calendars that are strong, durable and solid at the same time. In addition, as a brand with great experience and tradition, we are open to all types, even very unconventional ideas in the field of creating modern advertising materials. Thanks to our products, such as personalized calendars, we want your business to achieve higher and higher positions on the market, and to have a positive association in the minds of potential customers. We ourselves are constantly looking for and implementing the latest solutions in the field of creating original, effective and fashionable advertising gadgets on an ongoing basis. We invite you to take advantage of the Graffiti Print offer not only when it comes to calendars!

Graffiti Print - Your eco-friendly calendar At Graffiti Print, we care about ecology. We have our own solar park and have been willing to support any pro-ecological solutions for a long time. We know how important it is for our customers who order both personalized calendars and other advertising products for their enterprises throughout the year. All this combined with the highest quality direct sublimation printing, with an offer that also includes large-format prints and fast delivery times, as well as with the possibility of ordering even small print runs, makes Graffiti Print one of the leaders on the Polish market. We have been serving our customers and ecology for over 30 years! A calendar unlike any other You can get yourself such a calendar this year. It's up to you what the leitmotif will be. We are also happy to make custom-made calendars, including occasional ones. Are you thinking about ordering a personalized self-adhesive calendar? Great! It is worth considering what type of calendar will be best for your business. An interesting solution will be a calendar kept in colors corresponding to those visible in the visual identification of the brand, with characteristic elements. Or maybe it's time for a completely new calendar design? That's also a good idea! Often it is company calendars with unconventional motifs, completely different every year, that enjoy the greatest interest. Importantly, the advantage of our self-adhesive calendars on the material is their arbitrary size, as well as the fact that they can be repeatedly glued to various surfaces, walls, windows, furniture, etc.