Mini sports scarves

Printed mini sports scarves 

Mini sports scarves, as the name suggests, are smaller versions of regular scarves that fans most often wear to encourage a given team to fight. They usually have the colors of a specific team, and very often they also have the team’s name or coat of arms on them. All this to make it possible to recognize from a distance exactly which band it is. When you are at a stadium, at a football match, whether in the World League or the Premier League, you have certainly seen this type of scarves. Graffiti Print’s offer includes similar ones, but in a mini version. They are included in the set with a windshield suction cup. For what purpose? Well, using mini sports scarves you can decorate a car, bus, coach or other vehicle that, for example, transports football players to the stadium where they will play a match. In this case, they will work well as decorations. However, this is not the only function they can perform. Namely, it’s also a great idea for advertising. There is no person who does not like free advertising gadgets. You, as a business owner, can gain new customers, and the recipients will be happy with the gift they received. Everyone will be happy!

Choose mini sports scarves from Graffiti Print

Our company Graffiti Print is a manufacturer of various advertising gadgets, including mini sports scarves. If you are a manager of a sports club, a coach of a sports team, or you run a business operating in the sports industry, you may be interested in our offer. Perhaps you want your mini scarf to have the colors and crest of the football team you coach. Or maybe you want it to be in the colors of the club you support. With our help, you will be able to implement any project. Just send us the guidelines and we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. For orders for mini sports scarves, the minimum quantity is 100 pieces.

What are the characteristics of our mini sports scarves?

Another thing we pay special attention to is quality. We choose the highest quality materials for the production of mini sports scarves – we want our products to serve their users for years. So we make every effort at the production stage. We take care of every finishing detail. The colors of our prints are vivid and durable. If the scarf is to serve as an advertisement, we can easily print your company’s logo, name, slogan or other elements you deem appropriate. Even if the implementation of a given project seems impossible at first, contact us. Sometimes it may turn out that a different approach is simply necessary. The most important thing is that at the ordering stage you provide all the information that will help us make mini sports scarves according to your ideas. When the order is ready, we will inform you immediately.

Mini sports scarves from Graffiti Print are a guarantee of quality

Graffiti Print has been investing in modern technologies for years. Over 30 years on the market have also allowed us to develop. There are no random people working in our company. These are specialists who will help you at every step. So if you don’t know something, have an inquiry, want to make sure about something, or simply ask for advice on the assortment, do not hesitate and call us. Our employees will help you. Contact with the customer is also very important to us. If all the details are properly agreed upon at the first stage of placing an order for mini sports scarves, it will facilitate and speed up further processes. When placing your order, you will also learn the expected delivery time. We try to produce and deliver the ordered goods to the customer as quickly as possible.

Mini sports scarves – the perfect advertising gadget

Are you looking for a way to advertise your company or activity? Do you want to reach different age groups and as many recipients as possible? Do you work in the event or sports industry, run a football school, football club or train children? Therefore, it is worth considering acquiring new customers. How to achieve this? Advertising gadgets can help you with this, and one of them that perfectly meets your requirements are mini sports scarves. They will please both adults and children. We encourage you to place orders and contact us if you have any additional questions.