Fabric wallpapers

Fabric wall murals are a fashionable solution that offers many possibilities. A wall decorated in this way looks original, and the room acquires an individual character thanks to it. If you are looking for a way to stand out, then a wall mural is just for you! And anyone who wants to have it in the best quality should take advantage of our offer. Wall murals from Graffiti Print are a guarantee of the best materials and workmanship with the utmost care. By decorating your walls with them, you will delight everyone who looks at them, and at the same time emphasize your individualism. This is an ideal product for those who do not want to follow the usual patterns. Looking for something original? Buy custom murals with your own graphics that no one else has. Don't limit yourself to widely available solutions. Design your own wallpaper and apply to us. We know printing on textiles like few others. We will transfer your idea to a self-adhesive material to please the eye and make your interior unique and noticeable. We recommend this solution for your home and business.

Self-adhesive fabric wallpapers from Graffiti Print can be put on by anyone
Custom fabric wallpapers printed on self-adhesive material are an extremely innovative product. At Graffiti Print, we give you the opportunity to choose your own artwork in any size. Many customers appreciate the personalization, so our murals are often ordered for custom arrangements as well. Often your own designs or family photos appear on the mural. A huge advantage of our wall murals is convenient installation. When buying standard wall murals, printed on paper or vinyl, customers have to ask professionals to take care of applying them to the wall. This is where our self-adhesive wall murals win out over the competition. How? Because you can peel them off and stick them on again and again, so if you need to correct the position of the material, you stick it on again, leaving no residue and no damage to the print. Each piece can be freely applied to the wall until the result is perfect. This way you will get a unique arrangement perfected in every detail – a wall mural printed on self-adhesive material will decorate your interior as you planned, and when you decide to change it – you can easily peel the material off without damaging it. This is an easy way to make a quick and effective change in any space.

Are fabric wallpapers a good form of advertising?
Proper advertising is a very important part of running your own business. In the past, there were fewer opportunities, so the requirements were not high. Nowadays, companies advertise in many ways, outdo each other in ideas and consistency of execution. Wall murals are also often used to unify the image. Is it worth it?
When you have adhesive wallpapers on the walls in your company with your logo, slogan and other important elements related to the business you are running, you can encourage customers to establish cooperation, easily and clearly present them with your offer, draw attention to your strengths, or indicate the sequence of actions a customer can take. For this to happen, however, you should take care of your image. At Graffiti Print, we make advertisements using the sublimation printing method, which looks great, including on such products as fabric custom murals with your logo. You'll get a high-quality product from us that you can easily place on your wall, so it can become a beautiful trademark of your company.

Fbaric wallpapers for those who care about quality and elegance
The highest standard is our priority. When making custom fabric wallpapers, we use durable materials, printing techniques that guarantee the perfect appearance of the graphics and make it easy to apply the wallpaper to the wall without damaging the plaster and the product itself. At the same time, we take care of your safety and that of your customers, as well as the environment. Our advertising flags and other products are durable, so they will last for a long time. We are a company that uses renewable energy sources during production – we use photovoltaic panels and windmills, so our production does not burden the environment. So you gain not only a high-quality product, but also the certainty that you are working with a responsible manufacturer of murals printed on self-adhesive fabrics. Caring about environmental safety, we are able to achieve quality that will satisfy our customers and even give them more than they expect.
Take advantage of our offer – order wall murals for your home and business to create a completely new, individual interior design extremely easily. With our wall murals you can gain great changes with a small outlay. After all, your interior will change quickly and effortlessly. If you want effective materials that will quickly and efficiently help to introduce attractive elements, cozy atmosphere and interesting design into the space – order your dream graphics from us, a Polish manufacturer of flags and other advertising materials.