Advertising covers for wing mirrors


Flexible fabric

Rubber edge finishing adjusts a cover to a particular wing mirror shape.

A set consists of 2 pieces (1 pair).

Minimal amount 100 pairs.

Mini-shirts imitating sports clothes

Mini sports costumes imitate real sports sets. The kit includes a hanger and a suction cup for the windshield.

The minimum quantity: 200 pieces

Mini-scarf imitating sport scarfs

Sold with glass-sucker

Minimal amount for order 100 pieces.

Fancy pillow

Sublimation print

Decorative product

Business gadget

Perfect for sponsored events

Minimal quantity for order 10 pieces.

Multi-functional scarf

A multi-functional scarf is a product that can be used for: a hat, headband, hair band, bandana or scarf. It has two versions: winter, with additional fleece and summer, without fleece. It is made of high quality elastic polyester. Design graphics placed on the production should take into account the size 50/50 cm and stitching.

A minimum of 50 pieces.


Stylish advertising gadget.

The minimum quantity in the order of 100 pieces.