Advertising seat “Kostek” (eng. – Cube) is a multifunctional product.

On the area of the cube we can print images, text, photographs – whatever you order. Each of the 6 walls can contain different graphic. You can also order a whole set of cubes, whose walls would together become one image of your choosing.

This safe and comfortable seat checks out during trade fairs, sport events, concerts, and also on store showcases, kids’ playgrounds, in kindergartens and in schools.

Cubes are filled with high quality spongy foam with excellent density, thanks to which the cube does not collapse under a body weight.

The cover is Velcro-zipped, and is changeable, and in case you want to change graphics, it is enough to order only new cover. Cover can be washed in a washing machine, on hand washing program. Fabric has Flammability Certificate. It is also possible to order a product in custom size of your choosing.