Advertising scarves

Advertising scarves offered by Graffiti Print can serve as a unique tool for promoting your brand. Thanks to the possibility of adapting the pattern and colors to individual needs, they become a unique carrier of the company’s image. They can be used during various types of events, such as fairs, conferences or sporting events, where they attract the attention of potential customers and help build brand awareness. In addition, advertising scarves can serve as gifts for employees or business partners, which contributes to building positive relationships and brand loyalty.

Our printed scarves are made of high-quality materials that guarantee durability and comfort of wearing. We produce them according to the customer’s order – we apply the logo and graphics provided by the customer or we make a custom design.


Innovation and quality: scarves with your own print

Graffiti Print is a company whose name is familiar to everyone who values quality and professionalism. Thanks to over 30 years of presence on the market, we have gained experience that allows us to successfully create high-quality advertising scarves. We realize that environmental protection is one of the key elements of responsible business, which is why we use the energy of our solar park to create your products.


Are you looking for a unique solution to promote your company? Printed scarves are the perfect answer to your needs. Thanks to our openness to innovative ideas and solutions, we are able to create a product that fully reflects the character of your brand. What’s more, we offer fast delivery times, so you can be sure that your order will be delivered on time.


We treat each order individually,

focusing on personalization and the highest quality of production. Direct sublimation printing is a technique we use to create scarves with our own print. Thanks to this, their quality and price are very attractive and distinguish our products on the market.

Flexibility in order fulfillment

We understand that each client has different needs. That’s why we give you the opportunity to order products in small quantities. Regardless of the size of your order, we guarantee that all advertising scarves will be made with the greatest attention to detail.

Care for the customer and the environment

Our priority is customer satisfaction. At Graffiti Print, we talk to each client individually. So you don’t have to go through layers of procedures to get information or place an order. We want you to be confident that you are working with an experienced company that takes into account the individual needs of its clients.

Join the group of satisfied customers who have been using our services for years. By choosing Graffiti Print, you choose a partner who knows his job and will always meet your expectations.

Our printed scarves are not only an effective advertising tool that can be used, for example, to promote the brand during sports events or concerts. This product is also extremely useful for everyday use. Due to the fact that it is a double-sided model, you can put any print on it and it will always be visible. We also offer scarves with decorative fringes and in the selected color. These are light, aesthetic gadgets that look good.

Advertising scarves – innovation and technology at the service of your business

The technologies we use at Graffiti Print allow us to implement the most creative and demanding projects. Thanks to them, scarves with your own print become a perfect carrier of your advertising message.

At Graffiti Print, we also value originality and innovation. We are open to unconventional ideas and solutions. Regardless of whether you already have a ready design for your advertising scarf or need help in creating it, our specialists will be happy to help you.

Manufacturer of printed scarves – why is it worth choosing Graffiti Print?

All our products are created based on the highest quality standards. We are a manufacturer who takes care of every detail. Therefore, you can always be sure that you will receive a product that will fully meet your expectations.

Trust the experience, choose Graffiti Print! Our advertising scarves are more than a product – they are an expression of our passion and commitment to what we do.