Mini sports suits

Mini sports suits

Graffiti Print's offer also includes mini sports outfits imitating sports sets. This set includes a hanger and a suction cup, thanks to which you can easily stick the whole thing to the glass. There are many outfit suggestions, but nothing stops you from designing your own. It may contain any colors, inscriptions, logos, images, symbols and similar elements. Such mini costumes are a brilliant way to decorate, for example, a car, bus or coach used by a football club or a club of beginner athletes. However, nothing stops you from attaching mini outfits to the glass of a building, e.g. in a cloakroom or office. Mini T-shirts are also a great idea for advertising. Are you the manager of a football club, or maybe you train boys in a sports club? It is worth considering this form of advertising. A small gadget can bring big benefits. Please note that the minimum order quantity for mini costumes is 100 pieces.

Mini sports outfits from Graffiti Print

We meet the expectations of our customers and give them the opportunity to choose the colors, inscriptions and elements that will be on the mini T-shirts. We accept individual and personalized orders. The only condition is a certain number of pieces in the order. We guarantee that mini costumes from Graffiti Print are made of high-quality materials. We make sure that they are finished in an appropriate manner. Good quality and customer satisfaction are the two things we care about the most. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or e-mail and we will be happy to answer them.

Mini T-shirts – the perfect advertising gadget for a sports event

Are you wondering how to advertise your company that operates in the sports industry? Perhaps mini outfits will be a great idea. If there is an upcoming sporting event in which your company takes part, it is worth considering the purchase of small advertising gadgets. One of them are mini sports suits. Thanks to the fact that you can print your logo or company name on them, they will be identified with your company. So they become a marketing gadget. You can give them to people who will appear at the event. These can be both children and adults. Depending on what your company does, your potential customers may be of different age groups. Do you run a football school? Therefore, it is worth focusing not only on the parents, but also to interest the children themselves. If you attract their attention, they will surely convince their guardians to sign them up for classes. Perhaps our mini sports suits will also help you.

Choose good quality mini-shirts

Graffiti Print has been operating on the market for over 30 years. This time allowed us to gather the necessary experience, which translated into the quality of the services we provide. We have also gathered a wide group of satisfied customers who are happy to come back to us. You can join them too. One of the products we offer are mini sports suits. They imitate real soccer players' sports uniforms. Some of them look very similar to the originals. We guarantee that our mini-shirts are made of high-quality material. They can be printed on both sides, in full color. Moreover, the colors are intense and saturated. A suction cup for the glass, thanks to which you can easily install the gadget, is included in the set. We also accept individual orders. We try to keep the waiting time for the order as short as possible. However, if you need mini T-shirts for a specific event for which you already know the date, do not hesitate and contact us to finalize all the details of your order.

Gadget mini T-shirts for adults and children

Mini T-shirts are the perfect advertising gadget. Why? Because it's something that both adults and children will enjoy. A form of advertising that reaches such a wide audience will certainly bring greater and better results. Choose the right colors that will attract attention, and don't forget to add your company logo. You can give such a gadget to both company employees and potential customers, during trade fairs or special events. Take a look at our offer, choose a specific design and place an order.